Anxiety – VOICELESS | What Cannot Be Said, Is Only Felt

Anxiety, seven letter word which carries folded and endless emotions. It is not time-specific neither it requires any invitation for it’s arrival. One can be in anxiety in a moment or it can reach in doses. All it takes away from you is your peace and leaves you in a state of helplessness.

It’s just a brief up. Now to know about it in-depth, let’s start with its meaning.

What actually Anxiety means?

It can be experienced as

excessive worry



Impaired concentration


Difficulty in sleeping

These are some of the most experienced forms of anxiety.

In general, This is our body’s natural response to something bothering us.

But when it comes to understanding the depth of anxiety we discover that each one of us has our own meaning of anxiety.

For example

  • A child’s 1st day to school, where he’s nervous to meet new people.
  • A job interview, for which you were sleepless for the whole night.
  • A stage performance, which made you worried all the time.
  • A crowded place, where you feel irritated.

If we read the above examples, we may find it casual. It is in some or other ways helping you to fight your fear or nervousness.  But here’s the difference what is casual to you or me may not be the case with others. So, anxiety can take any form  smaller to bigger. It can be negligible sometimes but to some, it’s the only thing they are dealing with.

Note:  If the above-mentioned experiences are rarely it’s okay. But the problem arises when these experiences are extreme and last for longer than 6 months, when you can feel these experiences or emotions are overflowing in your daily life and have started interfering with your life then it’s a SIGN OF AN ANXIETY DISORDER.

Now, what is an ANXIETY DISORDER?

 Anxiety disorder is a disconnection between your mind and body.

It creeps in day time or night, slowly and gradually. And stops you from doing what you Loved once and enjoyed the most.

It kills the zeal and enthusiasm in you.

Say it stops you from writing or painting once was your passion.

Stops you from attending social gatherings.

The examples to this are many more.

Types  – Anxiety can hit you in any of these forms.

  • Panic disorder
  • Phobia
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Illness anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder


To understand Anxiety attacks we need to first absorb this in our mind that these attacks are different to different person. To some it can be a feeling of overwhelming apprehension to some it is a worry to some it can be fear. These attacks are built slowly reaches its destination and turns out to be physically,  mentally, and emotionally exhausting.

Symptoms of an anxiety attack are sweating, feeling dizzy, chills, dry mouth, etc.


If you dig in for researches you’ll come to know that the causes of anxiety disorder are not sure. Because it’s different for different person. It’s totally personal experience. Those experiences yet fail to express or convey. It can be said that there are various factors like brain chemistry, environment, and genetics which are to some extent responsible for these attacks


You all are aware of Medical treatments and visits to a doctor or a psychologist. But here you need to focus on natural remedies. The far best is CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE. Change in the pattern you follow in your daily life. Your perspective towards life and things. This can be anything to everything. Say, taking care of your body – waking up early, proper sleep, eating healthy.

Company of people who are inspired, lively, motivated, and energetic.

Indulging in different activities like art, any workshop, physical activities, sports, or yoga.

To end this, it’s very important to know the ways anxiety can present itself. So that once you acknowledge it, you can work on it.

If you are facing this anxiety disorder, we all have faced it at some point in life, the only difference you can make is to speak it out. Reach for help. And find yourself again.

By – Gul Earam 

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