When You Get Anxious About Life

Everything is going smooth, everything is going fine. You’re having a good job. You’re having a good family and friend circle but deep in your heart you feel some sadness, some anxiety and sometimes you feel, that is completely unnecessary but you don’t have control over that. All of a sudden you get anxious about life. You feel like there’s a void but you don’t know what exactly it is.

Why you feel anxious about life for no reason?

See humans are vulnerable creatures. And assuming things for no reason is normal for us. Most of us are either stuck in past or worried about the future. We often have “what if” in mind. That’s a natural tendency.

But there are so many other reasons which can trigger this tendency on you. Think once about the reasons.

What are your triggers reasons to get anxious about your life?

That can be your bad lifestyle, can be your bad health. If you’re taking drugs. Bad relationship. Something happened in past. Maybe there’s someone else in your circle who’s suffering from this and you’re trying to heal them but in the process, you yourself getting wounded by this panic anxiety. You know that energy and vibes matter.

Or just overthinking can cause you unnecessarily to get anxious about your life.

What makes the feeling of getting anxious about life worse?

If you’re more vulnerable, or into some substance abuse even the smallest thing can make this type of anxiety worse. You need to work on yourself. You’ve to work on your thoughts and thought processes and health as well.

If you’re thinking constantly about your past, thinking about some past events or some bad experience this can make it worse. Or when you’re imagining about the future and creating imaginary situations in your head about the future and that also based on any past bad experience. You really need to keep a check on your thoughts. This can really make it worse.

What you should do when you’re anxious about life?

The first and very important thing you need to do is

“To live in the moment”

Don’t be stuck in past and don’t create an imaginary future. Just focus on the present. Just think you’re here at this moment and here are some ways to be in the present moment check out this.

I understand it is easy saying than doing but we don’t have any option left. We need to work on ourselves if we want to get out of this. Keep this thing in your mind.

Keep a reality check on your thoughts

When you’re thinking something and making different scenarios in your mind. Remember to ask yourself. Is it even possible and real what I’m thinking or it’s just the creation of my mind? Just analyze if anxiety is making you create such thoughts and scenarios. Keep a constant reality check. Every time you think something which makes you feel anxious, Remind yourself that if I’m thinking something relevant or not.

Use a different PERSPECTIVE

Your Perceptions are important. Whenever you’re thinking about something which is making you get anxious about your life, trick your brain. First of all, try to be at present moment. Then keep a check on your thoughts. Then have a different Perspective about that thought. Instead of thinking negatively try to perceive that situation positively.

It’s kind of – If you’re thinking “Why me” instead of start thinking “It’s me because I’m strong enough and capable to deal with the situation.” You might read at many places “Attitude Matters” so this is what you need. Everyone is dealing with different situations and different hardships. So if they can, I can too. Just assure yourself “I can”. Nothing is constant. Everything is temporary even your situations will not be the same always.

So instead of panicking try to perceive situations differently.

Connect with yourself.

Try to engage with your real-life more rather than thoughts created by you. Develop a relationship with yourself. Seek peace inside what you’re seeking outside it’s within yourself. Spend time with yourself. Do things that make you happy. Relax your mind and body. Take a break once in a while.

Sometimes it’s just the regular routine that makes you get anxious about life for no reason. Because you’re stuck at one place doing the repetitive things.  So better take a break and start afresh.

You can also read some stoic exercises to tackle your anxiety.

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