A Reason To Feel Good

Everyone is in this hustle-bustle of life. We all are trying to find a reason to feel happy, a reason to feel good.

If we’re really looking for happiness, the reasons are so simple and easy to find. But if we choose not to feel happy, then no external things can make us feel happy in any way.

We think we need a reason to feel good. By doing some specific things, by owning some things, and by achieving things.

That’s where the exact problem is.

We’re living a social life that’s okay. We need to do specific things in society that’s okay.

We should have a good career, good personal lifestyle, financial stability And that’s completely okay. Because these are necessities of life. Something less or more will also work.

However, we ignore that, “It is temporary, not permanent” is the main thing to keep in mind.

These are all the things that make our lives simpler, better, and happier, but this is not eternal happiness. So this should not be “A reason to feel good” in your life.

When we think about something or wish about something that “I’m going to be happier if I get this “. When you actually get that thing, of course, you are going to be happy – but for a while.

Suppose you’re wishing for a new phone. You got that phone, for how much time that phone can be the reason for your happiness? One month, two months, 6 months then?

Then you’ll be bored with that stuff and start to wish for a new phone. So this temporary happiness is not worth it.

Now there is a valid point “I needed a reason to feel good and I got that so where’s the problem ?”

The problem is that this happiness is fragile and the after-effects of such kind of short life span of  “reason to feel good” are not actually good.

This kind of world depends upon the materialism is in chaos. What we accomplish today might not be on our priority list last year.

What matters today, will not matter tomorrow.

But still, we look for a reason to feel good about such things. This makes our expectations higher.

See if we’re having the latest model of a phone, we’re happy and satisfied. Next year the company launches the upper model. We’re thinking ‘I want this,’ ‘this is great,’ ‘I need to have the best.’ You see the fragility of expectations and emotions.

These things don’t encourage us to naturally be happy and fulfilled. And we generally fail to be happy normally.

What happens inside is reflected in the outside.

What we’re thinking right now is reflecting in our body language. Our friends or someone close to us can get the way we behave or what reflects in our body language that we’re feeling down.

Body language says a lot. So this is what exactly what’s going inside can reflect outsiders too. But when we make changes on our outside. If also affect our mindset.

When we force ourselves to smile or pretend to be happy. We somehow skip the feeling of negative emotion purposely.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve to smile 24 x 7. Otherwise, people who’ll look at you are going to say ” Are you Alright” ” He must be mad I guess”. So sometimes skipping negative emotions are good but not always. Better be natural and acknowledge emotions.

But also “Why this person is feeling good for no reason”  that also happens because people don’t accept the fact you’re feeling happy, feeling good for no reason.

But they accept you with feeling bad for no reason. Like “my day is not good” “national economy is bad” “weather is too hot” and people are like ” yeah I can feel you”. They accept the fact that you can be sad for no reason.

Whereas you can’t be happy, show happiness, feel good for no reason. When you show that people think there’s something wrong with this person. Why he’s overreacting.

So better understand that if you don’t need any particular reason to feel bad, feeling low, you also don’t need any reason to feel good.

You’re basically attracting what you’re projecting.

Don’t care about anyone. Trigger the positivity in you. You don’t need any reason to feel good. Just feel good because you want to feel good.

Train your mind for this. Even in Negative situations, you’ll see something positive.

If we’ll constantly look outside, materialism to feel good. We can never be at peace. You need to feel good for basic. Feel good that you’re breathing, having food, healthy and there are many reasons within yourself to feel good.

If you really want to feel good. You’re already having many reasons to feel good. Take a break, breathe and feel good right now if you’re not already.

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