Read This Whenever You Are Feeling Worthless

Almost everyone goes through this feeling in his or her life, Feeling Worthless and this can happen anytime. And the reason can be anything. Most people feel this during their development years. The most common reason to feel like this is low self-confidence.

What is worthlessness?

Feeling worthless or worthlessness is basically the feeling like you’re lacking your worth. You don’t have any value or you’re good for nothing.

When someone is going through this feeling of worthlessness he or she usually feels this in every aspect of their life. For example – They’re not good as a son or daughter, not a good father or mother, or not a good friend. From a work Perspective, they carry low self-esteem and they feel like they can’t do things because they’re not good or capable.

Why you’re feeling worthless?

There are many reasons people go through this feeling of worthlessness. Some of the main reasons I’m going to mention below.

People made you feel like this

Yes, sometimes it’s not you, it’s them. Sometimes you’re not responsible for this thought process. People around you make you feel like this again and again.

For example

Parents usually keep their hopes on their children and in the process they start to compare them with other children. When children don’t meet their parent’s expectations they start scolding them. That can cause low self-esteem in them and they started feeling worthless.

The same goes for other toxic people in your life like a toxic relationship, toxic friendships, toxic boss, colleagues. If you’re surrounded by toxic people, they can definitely make you feel worthless.

Change in life

It can be losing someone dear to you, losing your job, or going through a breakup. These sudden changes in life can affect your low self-esteem. If you’re mentally weak at that point and having low self-esteem, this can definitely trigger your feeling of worthlessness.

For example

You’re seeing a happy couple together after your breakup, you feel low all of sudden. If you’ve lost your job and your friend or cousin get promotions, you’ll feel like you’re Worthless.


Everyone’s life is different, everyone’s circumstances are different. But as a human, it’s in our nature to compare our life with others. If we’re not focused on our lives and our goals we usually check out other people and if they’re doing good than us, we feel depressed and feel behind in life.

These days the popular platform for comparison is social media. When people compare their life with each other, the feeling of worthlessness strikes in.

So these all are some reasons and mainly the trigger points for this feeling of worthlessness. With all these feelings if you have got a negative mindset these feelings can be more problematic for you.

How to stop feeling worthless?

Let’s know about some ways to stop feeling worthless and to overcome the feeling of worthlessness.

Take responsibility for your life

Understand this important point. Your life is your responsibility, you can’t blame others every time. And also you can’t depend upon others to take care of you and your life. Just trust yourself enough to take responsibility for your life and bring the change you want.

Believe that you’re capable to face the challenges life throwing at you. Life is not fair always but you’ve to make it anyway. I believe you can.

Let go and move on

This is one mantra that can be helpful in many other aspects of life also. You can’t always be stuck in one place or situation forever if you want to be happy or successful.

Just let go of the past that is bothering you, let go of the toxic relationship, let go of failures, and just move on towards the bright side. It’s all about just one decision.

Be at the present moment

Try to be at present moment. You need to see what’s ahead in your life and how you’re going to get that or reach there. Whenever you’re feeling worthless just keep reminding yourself that you need to be at present moment.

Don’t be anxious about a bad past or worrisome future. Just be at present moment instead of putting pressure on yourself. Whenever you feel this feeling of worthlessness just think that what you can do now? What’s in front of you? Take a chance for now.

Remember you’re not alone

Yes, you’re not alone. This is a common human feeling to feel worthless sometimes but don’t let this feeling overpower you. Accept reality and try to overcome it. Nobody is worthless in this world, you just have to recognize your purpose. Don’t believe your negative mindset. You’re far more powerful than your thoughts. See the positive aspects of yourself. Trust me you have got the power to overcome these feelings whenever you’re feeling worthless.

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