When You Feel Left Behind In Life

Feel Left Behind In Life

Do you ever feel like you’re trying everything, doing your best in education, relationships, career and still you’re behind from everyone around you? Do you feel left behind in life? Well if you feel left behind in life, sometimes you really are, bitter truth. But most of the time it’s common. Many people feel the … Read more

When You Get Anxious About Life

Anxious About Life

Everything is going smooth, everything is going fine. You’re having a good job. You’re having a good family and friend circle but deep in your heart you feel some sadness, some anxiety and sometimes you feel, that is completely unnecessary but you don’t have control over that. All of a sudden you get anxious about … Read more

Self-Care Tips When You Are Dealing With Depression

Dealing With Depression

In this modern era, people have already normalized the term Depression. Many theories, many tips already exist for dealing with depression. But what I believe is depression started from within can end also from within. You just need to believe yourself and have trust in the process. These days depression is something like a monster. … Read more

The Power of Saying No

power of no

“No” is a complete sentence.  We don’t need to justify our No further than that. But for some people, it’s a hard word to use. They find it very difficult to use no. Because they actually don’t know the power of no, that’s why they’ve trouble saying one of the most powerful words. There’s great … Read more

Life-skills that are hard to learn but will always pay off

life skills

If we’re doing someone reportedly, we’ll become perfect in that. As people say practice makes people perfect. So here I’m going to tell you about some Life-skills that are hard to learn but will always pay off. Eventually when you’ll learn these life skills your life will be more under control of you. Thoughtfulness This … Read more

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