Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

These days this is a popular term among many people. It was made famous by a book and a movie with the same name. Yes, we’re talking about ” Law Of Attraction”.

The Law of attraction says that you’ll attract whatever you think constantly.

How to apply the law of attraction?

If you want to achieve something in life. You need to think about that in your mind. It says if you think about positive things in life, positive things will happen in life. If you’re constantly thinking about negative things, then negativity will take over your life.

And If you’re constantly thinking about getting rich, you’ll get rich. If you’re constantly thinking about someone you want, you’ll have a relationship in your life. And if we’ll talk about the opposite scenarios. Like if you’re thinking you’re sick, weak, and non-deserving, you’re going to get that only.

Well, maybe that works. Maybe. But I do not completely agree with that. You can’t get anything by doing nothing. Thoughts are a must but actions are also a must. We need to execute our thoughts also.

But thoughts should be there.

So I’d like to call this phenomenon ” Mental Proximity”.

Imagine you’re wearing a hat full of fruits hanging around the hat. Weird I know. But let’s imagine.

So the orange is in front of your eyes. You’re looking at orange every time. Whenever and wherever you’re going. Your eyes are constantly on the orange.

Can you guess how it is going to affect you?

Firstly it’ll be going to affect your decisions. Observe that.

What’s the first thing you’re going to think when you’re hungry?

Of course orange.

Because orange is always in front of your eyes. So the first thing is orange that comes in your mind when you’re hungry.

The second way it’s going to influence you is changing your perception.

The color orange is more noticeable now. Everything related to orange is noticeable to you now. Orange like fruits. And Orange color things. Orange juice, candies.

That’s because orange is close to your mind. So you’re reminded by your mind everything that links to orange.

This must-have happened with you too. If you’re planning to buy it or you’ve just bought a new car. Obviously you’re researching on that car too much. So if you’re traveling on the road. You’re noticing that particular car more on the road.

Now let’s talk about money.

Suppose you’re spending more money lately. And you’re having a financial crisis or you need money for something. You’re thinking about money every time.

So money is in your mind. Now you’re spending too much. But as you need money you want to save it more. You’re keeping a check on your spending habits. So you are trying to control that. You’re more aware whenever you’re spending your money. You’re saving more money in the process.

On the other hand, you’re trying to get raise in your income. You are looking for better options. Better opportunities.

If you’re not satisfied with your job or your requirements are not getting fulfilled by the job. You must be thinking to start your own business. You’ll start considering other options also. And you’re going towards better opportunities.

You magically did everything?

Of course not because money is there in your mental proximity. If you consider the law of attraction with this. It works. But more than the universe your brain helped you to achieve certain things. Because of all those things that you achieved were there in your mental proximity.

Suppose if you were just thinking about all those things and doing nothing about that, will you ever be able to achieve them?

With the law of attraction, there must be law of action too.

Both work together.

Things are there in your mind. But you just have to keep reminding yourself. And take some action to manifest those things. Take actions to keep those things active in your mental proximity.

Read about them

Write about them

Talk about them

By doing all these things you can actively keep things you want in your mental proximity. Without being fade away. So that you can manifest them in the right way to achieve them.

These things give rise to new ideas. You’ll be aware of those things. Reading, writing, and talking about things you want, strengthen your ideas to achieve them.

Read, write, and talk about whatever you want at least once a week. That will help you to refresh your mental proximity.

So what I’m trying to say is

Get off your chair and actually take some action.

Mental proximity will definitely help you. But you need to help yourself too. You can’t sit in one place and wait for the universe to give you everything you want. The universe can’t help you if you’re not helping yourself enough.

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