Peace of Mind: How to Find Mental Peace in Chaos

In today’s world, everyone seeks ” Mental Peace”. But people find it very difficult to find peace of mind in the modern times of Chaos.

Because in modern times worries are extreme. Everyone is like – I want to be at the top, I want a beautiful partner, I want a costly gadget, I want a lavish house, I want a car basically I want to achieve everything all together.

And when we get one thing, we start to worry about the next thing. And then next. It’s like a loop.

So in the process, ” Mental Peace” is lost.

Our thoughts get stuck in negative scenarios because of the excess pressure of achieving things beyond. The pressure of being perfect. The pressure of living a balanced life. Whereas this is a myth.

Do check out ” Four Burners Theory”. You’ll understand better.

So we look outside for something which should be natural and within the self.

We worry about the past, present, and future altogether.

Concerns are Real

Anything can happen. We can lose something, someone precious to us. At some time can get caught by some illness. And We can have bad times. Financial loss, personal loss everything is a real concern.

But these worries are not helpful for “Mental Peace” our situation. Sometimes we know that and sometimes we are doing it unintentionally.

But we need to know a thing

Both Mental Peace and Worries are in our minds.

In today’s time, a lot of people are visiting psychiatrist, having pills, doing drugs all this for escaping towards the Mental Peace. Because they want to achieve it but they’re not trying themselves. They’re depending upon something or someone for achieving peace of mind. Which is not the right way.

In reality, we need to have a better perspective and farsightedness viewpoint regarding this. We need to develop a healthy lifestyle. We need to work upon ourselves for achieving mental peace and to get out of this mental exertion of constantly worrying.

Why Mental Peace is important?

Who wants to be sad, negative, and mentally exerted always. We want joy and happiness. A sense of satisfaction. These all joy, happiness, and satisfaction are the root cause of peace.

So as we look outside ourselves for peace, it’s not outside, it’s within ourselves. You just need to acknowledge it. It’s important for our well being. A balanced state of mind and body makes a person healthy. And if you’re not healthy nothing is worth it.

How to achieve Mental Peace?

We need to think differently. We need to look at us from within. Our minds should be guarded against everything that disturbs it.

We need to take responsibility for ourselves. And better not to be dependent upon something or someone else for this.

Let’s know some steps


We can’t control everything. This is a universal truth. Some things are beyond our control. We need to understand that. This acknowledge is necessary.

Accept that what is happening to me I’ve to face it anyway. There are two things I can do.

Control what you can control

Accept what you can’t control

This acceptance is necessary for our mental peace. Things that are beyond our control should not mess with our peace of mind.

Let Go or Make peace with things bothering you.

There must be many things from the past or maybe from present scenarios that are bothering you. Maybe a loss, fight, break-up, heartbreak, it can be anything. Try to cop up with that.

First, acknowledge this happened. Then acknowledge I’m feeling something for that. After that acknowledge I can’t do anything about that now so I must let go. Or just accept them as they are.

Once you’ll go through this process, your mental peace will start to restore.

Learn how to trust yourself.

Stop looking at the peace you’re searching outside. As I said before it’s inside you. Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves completely. We don’t know our limits and our strengths.

We just go with the flow, like everyone is going.

Stop. Know yourself first. Who you’re, what you want, know about your positives, know about your negatives. Just know about what makes you happy. What your strengths are.

Share your problems with yourself as you share with your best friends. Try to solve it first yourself, trust yourself. So when you’ll train your mind to do that you’ll start to feel happier. And hence it’ll restore your mental peace.

Practice meditation

It is important. And it’s not tough. It’s the easiest way to calm, relax, and restore peace of mind.

Take a deep breath. Imagine your worries and anxiety are red balloons hanging in front of you. We need to accomplish a process to crack this balloon. To do that we need to follow some steps in our mind.

So do the following steps and consider them in your mind.

Interdependence – Know that it’s not about you only. Say to yourself that it’s not only me. There are many other factors, situations, and circumstances that are responsible for this. Stop blaming yourself.

Impermanence – Nothing is permanent. Change is constant. Everything has to change one day. So don’t cling to people or things. Because they’re not permanent.

Empathy – Be kind to everyone. Remember that we’re not alone. There are many people in the world who are going through something in their life. Some are dealing the worse.

Now you can feel the balloon is getting disappeared and white light is taking its place.

These simple steps will help you to get out of your worrisome zone towards the path of mental peace.

Don’t try to change the situations, try to change yourself and you’ll see everything around you will change for something better.

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