Why Do Good People Suffer The Most

One of the most common questions these days “Why Do Good People Suffer The Most”, “Why bad things happen to good people”. This question reflects something like good people are suffering and evil ones or bad ones are enjoying their life.

What is good exactly?

Doing everything right. No mistakes in life? Everything you’re doing is with good intentions. You never harmed anyone; you’ve not done any bad to people. But think about one thing – can you track yourself every minute or every second of life? Sometimes we do things intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. You can’t keep a record of everything accurately.

If you believe in karma and spirituality there are some karmic loads we’re carrying from our past life. So if you’re very sure about the good you’ve there must be something that makes you suffer now. We aren’t just aware of it. Hence we often complain that as to why good people suffer the most.

Suffering is part of life

Understand this fact. Suffering is not optional. It’s just we make our mind remember always that you’ve done only good, you don’t have to suffer in life.

That’s how our mind is never prepared to suffer. Because we don’t accept the fact that suffering is part of life. So good people are always not ready for suffering because they think they don’t deserve it. They think if they are good, everyone and everything else is good and will be good always. But the bitter truth of life is “Suffering or not suffering is not a choice”.

For example

Some people are very conscious about their health. They do exercise regularly, eat good and healthy food. They think they can’t fall sick ever because they’re doing everything to not fall ill. But it’s not optional. A healthy lifestyle is no guarantee to never fall sick.

Most of the people fall sick in their life. But health-conscious people feel it more. And again it’s like why do good people suffer the most.

What law of karma says?

The Law of Karma is one of the absolute laws. It gives the perfect results to your karma at a very appropriate time. Good karma will result in something good and bad karma will result in something bad. As simple as that. It might take some time very less time and sometimes it’ll take much time to give results but it will perform justice. So before complaining about why good people suffer the most, just think once the suffering has its roots in the past no matter known or unknown.

Why bad people are enjoying their life?

Well with this question “why do good people have to suffer?” There’s one more question “why bad people are doing well in their life?” Sometimes what we see is not true. There are many more things hidden from sight. Sometimes they only seem to enjoy their life but they are actually not.

If they actually are then it’s very temporary.

Such kinds of people who are succeeding in life by doing wrong karma are going to end up being miserable. You just need to keep faith in the law of karma. Sooner or later karma will make them realize everything they deserve.

You see if someone good is suffering outside, they have peace and contentment inside because they know that they’re having good Karma by their side. They’ll go through it. But on the other side, there are people doing the wrong deeds cannot have that peace of mind and containment. There’s the constant fear of everything they’re doing which they want to balance up with fake and temporary happiness of materialism. But deep inside there’s a constant fear. So understand this instead of doubting why do good people have to suffer and why bad people are doing well in their life.

If we see from a different point of view

Well, every person is made from the circumstances he’s dealing with, the Perspectives he is carrying in his mind, and experiences he’s been through. So shouldn’t categories people as in who deserves the suffering and who don’t.

Well, one more thing I believe is responsible for suffering is expectations.

Expectations of other people. Expectations from surroundings and circumstances. Because of this many people suffer. So if you’re good and suffering can be because of your expectations too. You need to self analyze this.

Well if you’re doing all good in life there’s no guarantee that you’ll not suffer and you’ll always get good in return. And if you’re succeeding in life by doing something bad in life there’s no guarantee that you’ll be happy always and it’s permanent. Because everything is Temporary and This too shall pass.

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