How To Spot A Fake Nice Person

In our life, we meet a lot of people. We often distinguish them and deal with them with their characteristics and their behavior towards us. But sometimes we can’t distinguish them based on their behavior, because they’re behaving something else and but our instinct says that they’re having a hidden agenda or motives. They care less than they actually show, they’re just pretending. They can be called a fake nice person.

So let’s know about some ways to find out how to spot them.

Sometimes people are very manipulative so it’s hard to tell the difference if they’re faking it or if they really mean it. See no one is perfect not even me, we all fake things according to situations and people but every time being fake is too difficult to consider or maintain.

Why people try to be a fake nice person?

Fake nice persons are not always bad. Sometimes they do it intentionally and sometimes they don’t even recognize their behavior that what they’re doing actually.

Sometimes people just have a desire to fit in so they just pretend around everyone. Sometimes the desire to own what they want leads them towards being fake. By being fake they think they’ll get anything they want. And sometimes they’re just people’s pleaser.

How to spot a fake nice person?

Well, I’m going to tell you some signs of a fake nice person. If you ever notice these signs then you’re definitely dealing with a fake nice person but you should recognize them early and deal with them accordingly.

Words and Action doesn’t match

A fake person’s words and actions contradict. Most of the time they don’t actually mean what they say. They’re inconsistent. Sometimes they even say things what doesn’t make any sense.

They can promise you anything, they can do commitments for anything but when the actual time comes they just escape or change their statements.

They’re attention seekers

Most of the time people pretend and manipulate other people because they need validation and things they can’t achieve themselves by just being genuine. So they are behind people.

They want all the attention and to get that attention they can fake anything. Fake behavior, fake stories, fake flaunting, fake accomplishments. So showing off unnecessarily all the time is one of the prominent ways to spot a fake nice person.

They’re self-serving

They can make you feel good, praise people; they can do something for you only when it’s beneficial for them. They’re selfish so they do things only for their benefits.

When they pretend something they make people think that they’re your best advisor, they’re your well-wishers but in reality, they’re targeting their benefits so it’s important to understand and recognize their hidden motives. So out of nowhere when someone tries to do something extra every time, extra care, extra advice, extra pampering just think about this point to spot a fake nice person.

They’re judgmental

They’re not being real so they don’t accept people as they are. They judge people before manipulating them. Fake people always want to reach the top by pulling others down. So they make different strategies for this purpose. Firstly they judge the target and then they manipulate the target by being nice and whenever they get the opportunity they drag the target down.

They’ve unrealistic perceptions

A fake nice person is psychologically different. They think differently according to their needs. They follow materialism, they’ve different world. Fake people hardly have meaningful friendships because they’re more focused on their materialism and things they’re achieving for validation.

Their thought process and the world they’re living in are very small and restricted to their unrealistic perceptions. Money, wealth, and fame are their top requirements most of the time.

Fake nice people are hard to spot but not impossible. You just have to be aware of the above-mentioned points and also you should know the traits of toxic people. One must use and trust their instinct to recognize them.

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  1. From faking it nice people I’ve met, they usually look overweight without actually being overweight and have puppy eyes that kind of squint as if they’re a poor dog, but not quite exactly that. Sounds strange I know.


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