5 Tips To Avoid Losing Yourself In A Relationship

You must have noticed one thing, whenever someone gets into a relationship; they turn out to be a completely different person. I’m not saying that they turn out to be something like bad. Change can be in any way, either good or bad. But in this process, they lose themself. Most of the people usually lose their sense of identity during a relationship. Let’s know about some tips to avoid losing yourself in a relationship.

You don’t realize all of sudden that you’re losing yourself in a relationship. Slowly you’ll notice –

You’re not giving attention to yourself or maybe less attention than you actually need.

You’re not pursuing your hobbies, once were your priorities.

Your social circle is getting shrunk. You don’t give time to your friends as you were giving before.

You’ve started neglecting your passion once so important for you.

You yourself are not your priority anymore. Your life is revolving around your partner.

Why you lose yourself in a relationship?

Well, sometimes you don’t want to lose someone you love so you’re so anxious to please them and start living their way. Sometimes they are narcissist or toxic so they force you to live like their way, they manipulate you to compromise. They force you to change as a partner they actually want.

In most cases when people go through heartbreak or breakup, they suddenly realize this thing. They feel more shattered and lost then. Because when a relationship ends then people return to themselves and then they actually realize how much lost they’re actually. They feel void in themself.

How not to lose yourself in a relationship?

So here are five important ways to get out of this pattern to not lose yourself while being in a relationship.

 Don’t forget your personal goals

A healthy relationship is one where both the partners are doing great in life and supportive of each other.

When you get into a new relationship, you enter in the honeymoon phase. Most of the time you’re thinking about your partner. How to make them happy? Where to spend the next date? How to surprise her or him? You understand lots of excitement. So you actually forget what was actually going on in your life before them.

This is not good for you. It can make you happy for a moment or time being but you’ll spoil your efforts what you’ve done for your personal goals and life in the process. So this is one of the important things you can do to avoid losing yourself in a relationship.

Don’t avoid your social circle

It’s very important to maintain your social circle, friend circle with your relationship. Sometimes people get so much into their partners that they forget the world around them. Everything related to partners turns out to be their only world. And this is not healthy at all.

One should understand the importance of balance between both. Your social circle, your friend circle will help you to keep in touch with your real self constantly. Go to trips apart from your partner. This tip will definitely help you to avoid losing yourself in a relationship.

Don’t lose your individuality

When people get into a relationship they tend to do everything related to their partners. Posting pictures with them, tagging them in posts, going to parties with them. People start recognizing them as xyz’s girlfriend or abc’s boyfriend. And this not at all right for someone’s individual’s growth no matter how much in love you’re.

Don’t lose your individuality; don’t replace you “I” with “We” always. Do not get clingy always to your partner. Make your mind remember that you exist in this world alone. Don’t lose yourself being in a relationship.

Have some space frequently

When you get into a relationship you are stuck between the good feelings, ups, and downs of the relationship. Sometimes you’re clingy sometimes your partner is.

But to avoid losing yourself in a relationship you need to give yourself some space-time to time. And during that time be alone, be mindful, do whatever you like to do like cook, paint, reading, or anything of your choice. If you don’t want to do anything just relax. Spend some time with yourself, with your stuff for sure.

Learn to Say No

Learn how to use the power of no to avoid losing yourself in a relationship. People often feel uncomfortable saying no to their loved ones. And moreover, people agree with the partner for everything to avoid conflicts in the relationship and there’s a fear of losing them.  But always saying yes can be harmful to your relationship too in the long run. So to avoid losing yourself in a relationship learn to say no.

You deserve individuality, you deserve to say your opinion, have a voice on your own. So by saying no you can develop yourself mentally and empower yourself emotionally.

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