When You Feel Left Behind In Life

Do you ever feel like you’re trying everything, doing your best in education, relationships, career and still you’re behind from everyone around you? Do you feel left behind in life?

Well if you feel left behind in life, sometimes you really are, bitter truth. But most of the time it’s common. Many people feel the same in different aspects of their life, from time to time.

When I sit alone I often go through the same feelings sometimes. So many “what ifs” in mind. I could’ve done something better in life; I could’ve chosen some better stream, better career option, or a better friend. One thing you need to remember is these all “What Ifs” are of no use.

You feel left behind in life:

When you see someone who were childhood sweethearts and now they’re happily married posting so many trips and travel pictures on their timeline. Some are posing with a new car and a new apartment. Some post with their kids. And you think where I’m in my life, doing nothing. Just liking their pictures and all. When somebody’s parent comes to your house and flaunts about their children that they’re doing this, they’re doing that. And you think that they actually know what to do with their life from an early age, wish I could do the same. I’m doing nothing in my life and then you really feel left behind in life.

What actually we don’t hear about:

We don’t know about the struggles of people, we don’t know what they’re going through. Good time and bad times are not constant and everyone has a phase to go through. We don’t hear about when somebody changes their career choices at forty, we don’t hear about when somebody explored their sexuality at thirty, we don’t know how much people are struggling to get a job, to bear a toxic relationship, to fight some emotional battle with themself. So better don’t get stuck between comparisons.

Let’s know about some ways to get out of this zone when you feel left behind in life.

Appreciate what you have

When we have a phone assume mid-range phone. Many people are like “I should have got that phone with great features, high cost, over-hyped brand logo”. But we often forget that somebody is wishing for the phone we’ve. Sometimes we don’t appreciate our parents; people sometimes even say harsh words to parents. But some people are not having parents but we don’t see it.

We take people and things for granted. The most important thing in your life right now is you’re breathing. If you’re alive, trust me you can do anything in life. Humans have an immense capacity to do anything in life they just need a strong mindset. So if not now you can achieve it someday. Appreciate your present achievements. Suppose you’ve done a tough degree with hard-work in 4-5 years. And you’re beating yourself over someone who’s doing a job from the last 3 years by doing a diploma of 2 years. That’s not fair at all. So appreciate your present. Appreciate what you have now instead to feel left behind in life.

Surrounding yourself with positive, motivational people

Don’t surround yourself with people who always cry on different things, who are negative and always a complaint. You know energy or vibes matter. If they don’t feel good about themselves if they are negative and pessimist about their life, they can never encourage you for something better. And you’ll react and reciprocate according to that vibe. If they’re their self low, how can they uplift you to do something better? So choose people with higher goals and positive energy around you. When you feel left behind in life they can support you mentally to get out of this feeling.

Believe “I Can”

Yes, you definitely can. You just need to believe that. Everyone’s life is different, everyone’s struggle is different. You don’t have to lose hope. Just have faith in yourself. As I said above humans have a lot of potentials, we can do anything. We just need to believe this. Whenever you feel left behind from everyone just make yourself remember that you’ll go through everything and you’ll reach the point where you want to be. But in this belief train your mind for one more thing “You need to get out of your comfort zone” and here’s the magic begins.

Remember one thing nobody is living a perfect life not even the person who is writing this for you. Everyone has struggled in life. You need to take complete responsibility for your life. You can’t get dependent on somebody else for your happiness and goals. It’s only you who can change your life for something better. When you feel you left behind in life remember this feeling is temporary. This too shall pass. Just believe yourself.

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