The Power of Saying No

“No” is a complete sentence.  We don’t need to justify our No further than that. But for some people, it’s a hard word to use. They find it very difficult to use no. Because they actually don’t know the power of no, that’s why they’ve trouble saying one of the most powerful words.

There’s great strength in using this word. It allows us to hold our beliefs, principal, and our thoughts. Let’s know about how to use no the right way, in the right manner.

Implementing the use of no in the right manner definitely enhances our lives in many ways.

Let’s know more about the power of saying no.

If we have control over our own life we have the right to say two words – Yes or No.

If we see from a different perspective, when you are saying no to something you definitely enforce us towards yes for something else, and when you’re saying yes to something, you’re saying no to something else.

How to use the power of saying no?

Let’s learn how to say no.

Whenever you have got a question in front of you. Don’t rush into something, don’t rush into something like “what they’ll say” “what they’ll think”. Stop and think about the exact question and situation and analyze if this situation is beneficial for you. And say whatever you feel is right.

Practice saying no to the situations that are not serving you, that are not good for you. It doesn’t mean if yes is easy to say so you’ve to say it more. And there’s more power in no I believe.

Separate your personal connection, your cordial relationship, your friendship, your relationship from your decision-making capacity. If it’s no for you, no matter what comes in between. Remember you’re not saying no to the person, you’re saying no to the situation, the circumstances which are favorable for you.

Remember one thing always saying no straightforwardly is far better than keeping someone in confusion or holding the situation in denial “yes” state. Don’t confuse someone with this. It can be hard to say the straightforward no but after using the power of no, you’ll be at more ease. Don’t say confused yes when you actually want to say no.

Some people really don’t respect the boundaries which we created.

They don’t understand once or maybe they choose not to. If they’ll not try to understand your no once, say it again. Don’t be afraid to use the power of no again and again. Say no until they understand the No.

Don’t take decisions based on other people’s yes. You are having a different mindset and boundaries and choices as well. Keep them in your mind and choose what you actually want. If you think you should say no, just say that. Don’t say yes just because everyone else is saying.

Remember you’re not here to please others for everything. You’ve your own life, your own journey. And the truth is you can’t make everyone happy no matter what you do so better not to say or accept things which are not good for you. Say no, use the power of no. You really don’t need to be nice always. Sometimes it’s better to be right not nice.

In the process do acknowledge other people’s feelings too. No matter who they are or how they are. If the matter is sensitive. Do acknowledge someone else’s feelings too.

There’s one thing you can control in our life. That’s your power to make decisions, control our actions. So the power of no means a lot.

Why we put others in charge of something when that’s the only thing which is in our power?

Always remember one thing. Saying yes opens the door for many things but saying no set boundaries which protects our yes.

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