Narcissist: Personality And Psychology Traits

In this world, almost 7.8 Billion people exist. Different types of people. We categorized them, like introvert, extroverts, ambitious, selfish, selfless, homosexuals, homophobic, intellectuals, dumb, toxic, and many more categories. But here we’re going to talk about a specific category – “Narcissist”. Let’s know about the Personality And Psychology Traits of this category.

Narcissism is directly related to NPD – Narcissist Personality Disorder. People with this kind of issue is known as Narcissist, Psychopaths, or toxic people.

People find Narcissists cruel, selfish, and self-obsessed.  They usually have a lack of empathy. They’re proved to be dangerous and destructive often.

Sometimes they don’t even know they’re doing this and sometimes they purpose to do this. There is no moral accountability with a lack of empathy in such cases.

Let’s know about what is narcissism?

Narcissism is one of many personality disorders. The narcissist is the term used for a person who is suffering from this NPD. People with this disorder are usually self-obsessed and they have a dilemma of being superior. They can be harmful to you most of the time.

There’s a lot of misinformation everywhere related to this term. People don’t usually like their company and call them devils. Some people show sympathy to them and call them broken people, destroyed souls.

What are the symptoms and traits of Narcissists?

As I said NPD is one of the many mental disorders. So it’s a term which is related to direct psychiatry. A psychiatrist can diagnose this disorder. NPD is explained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (in short the DSM). Some of the common traits of Narcissists are mentioned below.

  1. They’re having an excessive sense of self-importance. Narcissists are self-obsessed. Even when they’re doing nothing and achieving nothing in life they still have a special sense of achievement. They expect regard for everything they do.
  2. Narcissists have an illusion for everything in their minds. Their reality and assumptions have a lot of differences. They have got a totally different world in their mind.
  3. They expect special treatment from everyone and everywhere. Such kind of people assume they’re someone special. Well everyone thinks they’re special but nobody needs forced compliments. But psychopaths do.
  4. They have got a sense of superiority. They think they’re superior than everyone. This is not confidence. This is a destructive overconfidence. You think you’re superior that’s okay but when you think other people are inferior and good for nothing, that’s not okay.
  5. They’re exploitative. People with NPD are selfish. They can approach you for their own benefits. And they know how to exploit you in every way.
  6. They’ve lack empathy. They can exploit you, use you, do bad with you but still, they don’t care. It can not affect them emotionally. Once they’re done with you they’ll search some other person for their own benefits.
  7. They enjoy disturbing someone’s peace of mind. Such toxic people can try to mess with your peace in any way. And when you’ll get affected by their attempts when you’ll start giving them reactions, they’ll feel happy and they feel a sense of satisfaction.

How to recognize a Narcissist?

Narcissists don’t come from out of this world. They’re around us. Maybe one of our friends, our boss, colleague, acquaintance. Sometimes they can be your spouse or someone from your family.

Some Narcissists are easy to recognize whereas some are not. Because some shows their traits and symptoms very prominent. But some people are very manipulative. They hide their traits well before trapping you. Such kind of people covers up them so well that you will never be able to recognize them. You can only get to know about them when they’ll victimize you.

How to deal with Narcissists?

There’s a theory known as the Gray Rock Method to deal with such kind of people.

The most effective to deal with narcissists is no engagement. Avoid as much as you can. Keep these traits in your mind. Try to recognize these traits.

Use your instincts. Be aware of things happening around you. Whenever you feel you’re trapped, escape as quickly as you can.

There are many things which we know about these people but nobody knows the exact cause which makes them behave like this. Though there are many theories and debates over this.

But it’s just

Do they know what they’re doing and when they start their day, they have got the desire to do all this in their mind?

Or as some people label them as wounded souls. So maybe they use this as a defence mechanism but in the process, they’re harming others unconsciously.

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