The Gray Rock Method Of Dealing With A Narcissist

The theory “Gray Rock Method” introduced by Skylar in 2013. He’s a psychology blogger. He introduced this method as a way to deal with people who are a psychopath and with a narcissistic personality.

So some people tend to get into our mind unnecessarily. Right?

Yes, such kind of people exist. They feel happy and satisfied in taking reactions from others. When they get successful in disturbing someone’s mind, they feel satisfied and it gives them a sense of strength.

The Category of such people called toxic people, narcissists, and psychopaths.

If you want to know what narcissistic personality is do read – narcissistic, toxic traits, What actually narcissism is?

And it’s hard to deal with such kind of personalities. They drain you literally.

There’s an above-mentioned method called Gray rock Method to deal with all these personalities.

Let’s know about Gray rock Method

There are some effective ways to deal with such personalities, who are toxic for us and who mess with our peace of mind.

To avoid them we need to –

No contact with them.

Walking away from them.

These are the best things to cut them off from our life. And when you’ll apply these things to them they’ll reflect back.

There are very low chances that they’ll change themselves for something better. But they’ll at least think about what they should and what they shouldn’t do.

Now we can’t avoid some exceptions like they might be your family member or working partner or senior or maybe someone who’s around you every time.

What the gray rock Method wants you to do is, to encourage toxic people to lose interest in us.

Psychopaths want to entertain their minds most of the time. They always want to get reactions from other people. They usually trigger other people to react, to get affected.

When you’ll not give any reaction. When you’ll not get affected. They’ll lose interest in you. This thing is unsatisfactory for them.

They’re obsessive about getting that satisfaction of winning. They feel satisfied in getting reactions, play with someone’s mind, play with someone’s emotions, disturb someone. So when you don’t give what they want they can’t stand up this thing.

They’ll feel bored. They’ll try to get away from you. Because it’s not entertaining for them.

According to Skylar and Gray rock Method, toxic people try their best to achieve things to fuel their sense of achievement.

They’re controlling in nature. They constantly try to find different ways to control other people.

When they succeed in controlling someone. It fuels their sense of power. And they don’t get satisfied one time, they’ll harm other people as much as they want. They recheck again and again if they’re still having control over us.

What we react to them is the satisfaction for them. So the key to the gray rock Method is not to give them what they want.

So how can we do this?

There are so many ways to apply the gray rock method to deal with such kinda people.

Change into Gray Rock in their presence.

Yes. You read that right.

We can’t control their behavior but we can control our behavior towards them. It depends on us whether we’re going to behave according to them or behave according to the gray rock method.

It’s in our control to behave like boring, non-reactive, quiet objects.

They have many tactics like

They can insult you badly

And they can trigger you emotionally

They can use harsh words.

Toxic people understand and assume that nobody can’t stand such insults and harsh words.

But here by using the gray rock method, we can just act like we never heard those words. Ignore like anything.

Some people are too much jealous. They envy us for many things. It can be your social status, your career, your physical appearance.

Use the gray rock method

Be boring and as closed off as possible about the things they’re jealous of. You don’t need to describe or flaunt your anything there, where such people exist.

They’ll get irritated because we are not letting them know anything. Basically we’re not giving them any reason.

They can become pushier. They’ll try to irritate us more. But continue to be a gray rock. Don’t get tricked.

Using the gray rock method, turn out to be a gray rock. They’ll pass over you. Without even noticing you. Just be one of many people. Don’t stand out, don’t try to be different. No need to be interesting. Non-reactive cold person.

Just being the gray rock.

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