What Is Stoicism Philosophy Of Life

Stoicism Philosophy Of Life is an ancient philosophy of life discovered in Rome and Greece.

This is not like old philosophies that people think is hard to follow. Honestly saying most of the old philosophies are not practical and difficult to follow.

What I personally think stoicism is the most practical philosophy ever made.

Tim ferrous “entrepreneur” says “Stoicism philosophy of life is the personal operating system of the mind“.

Stoicism philosophy is the best philosophy when you’re working on something which is highly stressful. This philosophy is best to use in such kind of environments.

People who know about this philosophy like Marcus Aurelius. Who was a Roman emperor and one of the followers of stoicism.

In today’s modern world when people came to know about the Stoicism philosophy of life, they tend to follow this. Because it is very practical and easy to adapt to this modern world. That’s why many entrepreneurs, established businessmen, sportspersons, people from the entertainment industry, students, common people are following stoicism 2000 years later.

The main reason to follow stoicism is, it can help you to solve your problems very efficiently and in a practical manner.

There are three disciplines in Stoicism:

Perception – how you see things

Action– how you take action on things you see

Will, Attitude – how you cope up with difficult things in life

Foundation of Stoicism

Stoicism was founded in Athens by a merchant called Zeno. Once he went through a shipwreck. All of his belongings were taken away. He lost everything. And during that process he discovered stoicism.

After Zeno, there were three main stoic philosophers. They are the reason for the diversity of Stoicism. They make stoicism to reach the masses. And to people who really want to benefit from it.

Marcus Aurelius – At that time he was one of the most powerful leaders and the world’s powerful man. He was the emperor of Rome. No one was as powerful as him.

Epictetus– At the other end there was a slave who followed the Stoicism philosophy of life. He also had an owner.

Seneca– He was a playwright. He was very famous in Rome. And was also a political advisor. He was one of the wealthiest men.

So you see the diversity of the Stoicism philosophy of life.

All of them are from different backgrounds, different social status. Still, they followed the same philosophy. So as I said it is the most practical and diverse philosophy ever made. Which can be applied anywhere in any kind of situation.

You don’t need to be a philosopher, scholar, or from a specific social status to use the Stoicism philosophy of life.

This philosophy is for everyone. From a student to a family man, from a struggling person to a well-established person, from man to woman. For everyone from different backgrounds.

Stoicism can be used in anxiety and when you’re in a depressed state. When you’re confused when you’re sad. When you’re trapped and when you feel stuck.

It helps our brain to work in the best optimal way.

Let’s discuss some stoic exercises

Train your perceptions

This exercise encourages us to have a different perspective of things we’re going through.

Here’s what Marcus Aurelius says ” choose not to be affected from a situation or person or anything and you’re not going to feel affected from that”

When in your life you’ve different perceptions of events happening to you. You’ll see the difference.

When something happens to you. You must be having two options. Choose the option which is better for your mental health.

Let suppose you’re going through a break-up. You’re feeling stuck and having a lot of mental exertion. And grieving, crying, missing your partner. You’re missing your good time together.

Take a pause. Try to change your perception.

Think of why you broke up first, there must be some reason. Think about the sufferings you’re going through. Ask yourself do you really deserve that? Think In the process of all these things you’re missing your present. Wasting your time, wasting your precious life.

When you’ll change your perception you’ll feel different. You’ll feel better. Not all of the sudden but slowly you’ll make your mind remember the changed perception. And you’ll slowly get off it.

So the stoicism philosophy of life says no matter what the situation is, it is not the event cause you feel a certain way. It’s your perception towards that situation.

So perception is important, work on that.

The second stoic exercise is ” Bird eyes view” ” View from above”

Marcus Aurelius says “whenever you want to talk about your or someone’s else situation, it’s better to take a bird’s eye view. See everything, everyone together.

You can see yourself from the viewpoint of a third person.

Don’t take your situation like if you’re sufferings from it. See your situation as you’re somebody else looking from outside.

When you see your situation outside yourself, you can think logically.

As we’re good at giving advice to other people. So be the other person when you’re in a problem.

See from the bird’s eye that how many people are dealing with the same situation. Or maybe worse situations. Then you can recognize how small your problems are. And if somebody else can deal with the worse. You can deal with a bad situation too.

When you get anxious about some problems. Zoom out and see the world from above.

The third stoic exercise is called “Memento Mori”.

It’s “you need to acknowledge your death” what this means.

The stoicism philosophy of life says let’s prepare our mind as if this is the last day of my life. Let’s postpone nothing. Let’s live in the present day.

You should always keep in mind that you’ll die one day. You should be aware of death every moment.

Because as soon as you get the fact that life is short, it could end at any moment. You’ll recognize the importance of life, the importance of every moment of life.

The main problem is we all think we have time. We take everything for granted, waste our lot of time because of this. We need to remember death is easy and can come anytime.

So one must try the Stoicism philosophy of life.

Stoicism is the philosophy for you and philosophy for me. It is an inner compass that helps us with every decision we make in our day to day life. As I said it is a personal operating system for the mind.

No matter what you’re going through. Stoicism has an answer for that. Just try.


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