What Is Taoism And How It Can Transform Your Life

Taoism is also pronounced as Dow-ism. It is a philosophy that originated from ancient China.

The human mind is naturally curious. Many unanswered questions are there in the human mind. Like –

Why I’m on this earth?

What is the purpose of life?

Who I am actually?

Why do I exist?

And people try to explore all these questions and curiosities from different ways and perspectives.

Taoism tries to help you with all these questions and many more things about life and living.

What is the meaning of Taoism?

The word “Tao” has many meanings. And it can be applied in many ways. The exact meaning or translation of the word “Tao” is “The way” that can be referred to:

The way we perceive things

The way we deal with life

It is basically a philosophy that emphasis acceptance. Accepting yourself the way you are. Accepting things the way they’re. This practice of wisdom leads to the ultimate requirement of peace. But acceptance is not easy. One should be aware of and awaken enough to accept. So Taoism helps with that. In simple words, it says a person should go with the flow.

What Taoist scripture says?

One should not go against nature and one should not force things to happen. Which better defines the “the way” exact meaning. In layman language what we say is trying to turn back the tide. This is basically the simple concept of Taoism. It emphasizes more on reality than philosophy.

Let’s learn about Taoism with three starting steps:

  1. Don’t try to learn or look for the exact definition of Taoism like other philosophies.
  2. Don’t try to understand Taoism as a philosophy. Just experience it. You’ll learn it naturally and practically with time. It exists more in your life rather than books.
  3. More than understanding the philosophy, it’s more like understanding yourself. It’s all about acceptance. Instead of resolving various contradictions try to accept life the way it is.

There are different people with different perspectives and different circumstances. So Taoism applies differently to everyone. Because what Taoism teaches us is to accept the way you’re. So everyone is different from each other so the way of applying Taoism is automatically different and sometimes it’s contradictory.

How to practice Taoism?

Well in Taoism instead of practicing Taoism it emphasizes more on “Wu-Wei”. Which means doing through non-doing or just going with the flow without forcing something to change and accepting the ultimate reality, being in peace with your own self. Well, there are many variations in Taoism practices.

Let’s know about some simple tips to initiate the practice of Taoism

Accept yourself

Don’t try to change the things you cannot control

Trust your instincts, have a faith in your feelings, and just go with the flow.

Choose to be kind. Taoism support non-violence.

By accepting yourself, accept others as they are. Instead of changing them try to accept them with their flaws. Be kind, supportive, and empathetic towards them.

Philosopher Chuang Tzu says that one should live life as flowing water. Just going with the flow. As the water face, it’s adversities with the same flow, have that strength to face everything in life. Don’t stop and just go with the flow.

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Concept of Ying Yang

TheChineseYingYangconceptteachesusaboutthebalance.Insimplewordsitshowsusthebalancebetweentwohalvesmakingthewhole. Or we can say every coin has two sides and with both the sides coin is complete. Both sides are different but they’re inseparable.

It’s kind of two forces or two energies coexist in the world. They’re relative to each other but yet opposite to each other.  When one aspect of YingYang increases, the other one decreases automatically. They change constantly and still continue to make a balance with each other. So one should not be rigid. One should be flexible and accept things to make harmony and balance in life. We need to learn from both aspects of life.

How Taoism can transform your life?

Well, it teaches us simple practices that we already know consciously or subconsciously. But the reality is that people can not even follow these simple practices of Taoism. But if you practice and follow Taoism thoroughly it will be possible. Some people will need more time and some will need less time to practice it.

Taoism will make you understand and accept your life in a better way.

Taoism will lead you towards ultimate peace.

You just need to slow down and breathe. Just think about everything related to you, your life. Try to trust your inner guide, trust your instincts. Trust yourself, you already know what you actually need. Taoism says that you’re the master of your life, you just need to believe that.  Make a strong connection with your thought process and just go with the flow.

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