What is Non Attachment | How To Practice It To Find Inner Peace

Do you ever feel you’re fighting with something unknown? And you feel like you’re getting anxious about the things you cannot control? You spend your energy on things that are not under your control like not getting a suitable job, your partner leaving you for someone else, you’re feeling left behind in life, your aging, and many other things. Well, let’s know about non attachment to get rid of all these thoughts and find your inner peace.

What is Non Attachment?

These things that I mentioned above are attachments. Attachments are something we always cling to. These are our desires. And we actually suffer a lot because of all these desires, all these attachments. The practice of non attachment helps you to not get affected by things you can’t control. Non attachment is letting go of all the things and be at peace with the present moment by emphasizing mindfulness. But as a human, we cannot completely detach from all these things.

But let me tell you one thing, detachment, and non attachment are two different things. People often take non attachment as detachment. But these two terms are not the same.

What is the difference between non attachment and detachment?

Well, non attachment is a conscious practice. A practice of mindfulness. Whereas detachment is not any practice. It is more of an escapism. Escaping and running away from things. Whereas non attachment allows your life to live fully without escaping anything. It’s just a mindful practice that allows you to enjoy everything without getting attached to anything, without any suffering.

Attachment and detachment can both lead to suffering and misery. But non attachment is a practice that leads you towards inner peace and contentment.

What does Buddhism say about non attachment?

There are many teachings on non attachment and letting go whether Eastern or Western. But Buddhism teachings on this are clearing the misconception of detachment and non attachment. It says that instead of not getting attached to things, one should go with the flow; accept the things as they are.

Buddhism says that by practicing non attachment you’ll be aware and conscious of the impermanence of everything. And by accepting the fact that everything is shifting and nothing is permanent. With this, you’ll be at peace with the changes. And you’ll be accepting things the way they are.

How to practice non attachment?

The world we’re living in contains so many distractions. The fear of losing your loved ones, struggle for success, fighting with emotions, love, relationship, break-up, so many desires, and attachments. With all these things it’s somewhere tough to practice it if you don’t have that much will power but just believe nothing is impossible. You just need to be conscious of this.

But here are some ways to practice non attachment.

Don’t look for happiness outside

We often rely on external things and other people for our happiness. We often think if I’ll get that much money I’ll be happy, if I’ll buy that luxurious car or phone I’ll be happy. But do you think that kind of happiness is permanent? After some time you’ll get bored of such materialistic things. Then you’ll start searching for your happiness from other things.

But this search for happiness from outside is an endless search. Chasing happiness like this will make us suffer instead of happy. If you want to practice non attachment, you need to train yourself to search for happiness within. This is not easy because this is not normal as society conditioned us to believe that it’s normal to be rich, be successful, and then be happy about that.

You just need to make yourself believe that it’s temporary. Inner happiness and peace are constant. With time and practice, you’ll be more mindful and conscious about the importance of inner peace and happiness.

Let go of things you cannot control

Most of the time we suffer because we choose to suffer by trying to control things that we can’t change. And we focus on them more. Pay attention to few words you’re using like – he or she should be like that, I wish I’d done this, this is not the right way, I need to achieve this because everyone else is achieving, I’m feeling left behind in life and many more Ifs, buts, shoulds.

Try not to use them. Allow life to happen. Let go of everything that is bothering you. It’s not easy but with efforts and time, you can practice non attachment to let go of things that are bothering you. Just say once to your mind that you can’t control it so just let go. Have a dialogue with yourself about this often. Eventually, your mind will accept it.

Accept the Uncertainty

One of the most important things you’ll learn through non attachment is nothing is certain and nothing is permanent. Everything shifts at its pace with time.

We get a fearful feeling about our future and many things. We try to predict them and then suffer. Accept the fact we can’t control those results. Let life unfold itself. Let things move at their own pace. Accept the Uncertainty. Don’t fear the unknown. Once you’ll start practicing it you’ll eventually start accepting the uncertainty and be at peace with yourself. Just train your mind for “We will see”. No matter what we will see. Sometimes you don’t have to change the whole thought process. Just a simple change or shift in your perception can do magic for you.

If you want to experience the enlightenment in life and if you’re looking for some ways to find inner peace. You should definitely try this practice of non attachment.

Let me know what are your thoughts about non attachment in the comments below.

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