Why I Am Single | Reasons People Choose To Stay Single

Some people are single by choice. People often ask “Why I Am Single”. I’m single because I don’t want any relationship right now.

People decide to be alone because at that point of life they don’t really want any relationship or association.

Whereas some people are single because of some particular situations. Like they may be searching for their special someone.

May be getting over their previous breakup. May be busy with the hardships of life. First making their career before getting into any relationship. Trying with people but not found the compatible one.

Many explanations can be considered  for “Why I am single”

In our society, people don’t accept the fact that “someone chooses to be single”.

They make assumptions and moreover many of them try to become the counselor, advocating “Everyone should have a relationship” “Everyone needs a partner “, “Are you having some problem?”

Many fail to understand someone’s reason for “Why I am single”. Because of the social norms.

Well everyone has different reasons and they have got the right to choose their relationship status.

Some people choose to be “Why I am single” by choice and some are automatically become “I am single” at the particular point of time, whether they might be in a relationship at some point of time in their life.

Let’s discuss some reasons people choose to stay single.

  • Past Experiences

A common reason to stay single for most of the people is a bad past experience, past trauma, or previous breakup. It makes them think that being in a relationship is not worth it.

Some people love wholeheartedly and give themselves completely to the other person but people hurt and their partners move on. But they stuck at the same place and couldn’t move on from that toxic relationship and decide to remain single.

It’s just one need to understand the toxic behavior of someone for owns sanity. Do go through that.

  • Carrier Oriented Life

Some people are having a mindset that is focused on their professional life. All they want to achieve success in life.

If you’ve read about four burners theory, their career burner is on full power.

They basically choose to live like that. They choose their career, their professional life over any kind of relationship.

  • Life Circumstances

Everyone has a different life and different circumstances. Some have to deal with so many hardships and some people get the so-called normalized life circumstances. Some people may want to have a relationship but their life circumstances don’t allow them to be.

They might be dealing with some illness, low self-esteem, unrequited love, family responsibilities, parental responsibilities, and many people don’t even share the exact reason but that is there in life. That makes them stay single.

  • No Compatible Match

Some people want their partners to be compatible with them. Their answer to “Why I am single” is I didn’t find any compatible match.

For some it’s compatibility for looks, for some it’s for achievements, and for some it’s financial. So while choosing a partner they prefer their compatibilities to be matched first.

But in life, there’s not “even” always. We’ve to choose “odds” also, in the process of moving forward in life. But some people don’t choose compromise and they remain single until they find a compatible match or Ideal partner.

  • You don’t feel incomplete

Some people don’t need someone to complete them. They’re content with themselves.  Just because they’re single they don’t put their life on hold.

They’re not going in life according to mainstream society. They believe Singlehood is not a disease but it’s rather a fine state within the self. Their reasons for “Why I am single” all depend on your perspective and attitude towards the relationship. It means you start living life to its fullest and don’t get bothered and disturbed by your relationship status whether you’re single or not.

What I personally think is for everyone – before “Why I’m single” or seeking a relationship with someone else, you’ve to build a relationship with yourself first. If you don’t do it before looking at something outside yourself, it will be like you’re trying to build a home without laying the foundation of the house.

Love yourself first everything else will fall into the place.

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