Reasons Why I Don’t Like To Celebrate My Birthday

When I was young, I used to go to my grandmother’s house in summer vacations. And that’s my birthday time. So I used to be very excited about my birthday celebration at granny’s house when I was young. But as I grow older I don’t like to celebrate my birthday anymore.

Let’s know about a few reasons why I don’t like to celebrate my birthday.

Why any particular day to celebrate life?

Yes, that’s my personal opinion. Every day is a special day if you’re doing well. Why a specific day to make someone feel special. I think every day is a special day if we’re living it in the right way. If we’re breathing right now that’s enough reason for celebration. So why only birthdays? This is one of the reasons I don’t like to celebrate my birthday.

Who Cares

Seriously nobody cares for the rest of the days. I’ve experimented for my last birthday. I’ve almost 1000 friends added to my social media platforms. Whenever my birthday comes at least 400-500 wish me for my birthday. And after deactivating the social media accounts, can you guess the actual number of people remember and wished me for my birthday? It was 14-15 people. So you get that?

This is the reality. Hardly anyone cares about the birthdays. So I don’t like to celebrate my birthday for just showing off to people who don’t even care.

I don’t like attention.

Being an introvert I like my time more. Where I’m just being myself. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to go to parties or gatherings. And when I’ve to go someplace like this, I just sit in the corner and pray that nobody should realize that I’m here.

So on birthday all of sudden you get all the attention. People like to be with you, wishing you, clicking photographs and all. And that’s unwanted attention for me. So also birthday celebrations are not for me. So I don’t like to celebrate my birthday for this major reason.

I don’t like presents.

Well, I’m grown up now, so I don’t really need a present. And when somebody gives me a present I don’t know how to react. How to be thankful for this.

Whenever my people ask me that what you actually want for your birthday, I get blank. I don’t know what to answer and how to answer. Because as an adult you are on your own, you’ve different choices, you’ve different priorities about different things. So I’m like I don’t want anything because I literally mean it. I fell pressurized by this.

Thought of getting older haunts me.

Yes, time is slipping by. You’re turning one year older. More responsibilities, less time. Maybe I’m pretending as a pessimist but it’s true. I don’t want to grow older and deal with life more and more. But change is the law of nature and you can’t mess with nature. So I just think what the point of the celebration is when you’re stepping in to get one year older. And life is getting shorter. So that’s why I don’t like to celebrate my birthday with no reason to celebrate actually.

Facing the unwanted emotions.

Whenever I express someone that I don’t like to celebrate my birthday, they’ll stare me like I’m going to do a crime. Well everyone is different so it’s not their mistake. These all are social norms and people just follow that. I think I’m different and weird but they are just normal. So when I say that I don’t like to celebrate my birthday, they react differently and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

So everyone decides to celebrate my birthday, gathering around me, cake in front of me, everyone is singing the birthday song and I just fake my smile. Deep down feeling awkward, weird, and numb at the same time. So I choose not to get into these weird feelings and drop the idea of celebrating my birthday.

Well, I completely appreciate the love people show me. They care for me that’s more than enough for me. Sometimes my friends and family go out of their way to make me feel special. I’m very thankful for having them in my life. But it’s just me who’s weird and different enough to describe why I don’t like to celebrate my birthday.

Let me know if you feel relatable to my reasons.

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