When Life Is Not Treating Me Well

There are many moments in life where you feel that life is being unfair to you and you feel life is not treating you well.

And the situation can be anything.

You get betrayed by someone you love. Lost someone dear. You’re not getting a promotion, you are not getting the success you deserve and there can be many more reasons for your disappointment. Because life is not easy. Life is tough. And it’s okay if you’re feeling mistreated because sometimes that’s also necessary for your growth.

These are moments of frustration, disappointment, and sadness. Most of the people go through this phase in life for their own reasons.

But also remember one thing. Life is sometimes beautiful, sometimes fair enough, and worth celebrating.

So these are just different phases and no phase is permanent. It’ll pass someday sooner or later.

When life is not treating me well, I just think that there are ways to get out of this. I understand the situation; I’ve already been there a few times. It’s not easy. But there are some ways to get out of that zone.

Let’s know about some things to remember when you’re going through something like this:

Stop Comparisons

These days people are so much into social media, much likes, many stories, and many more social flaunting. We see people are traveling, enjoying, and doing all good things in life with so much of perfection. But you never know the reality. Most of the time we’re not what we post to be. Life is perfect rarely. Everybody’s life is different we don’t have to judge their life by what we see only. There are lots of things going on in everyone’s life. Sometimes people are strong and smart enough to deal with their hardships so they don’t appear weak and sad. Because they choose not to show.

When life is not treating me well I don’t compare myself with someone and get sad over that comparison. Just focus on yourself, your life. Remember you’re responsible for that only.

Nothing is Permanent

This is the truth. Nothing is permanent. Not your situations, not your phase, not your time, not your sadness or happiness, not the people you love or hate. Everything will change with time. Everything is temporary so just enjoy the time when you’re getting happiness and be strong when you’re going through tough times.

Always remember this too shall pass. When life is not treating me well I just Have faith and train my mind to believe that everything will change for something better.

Remember the lesson you’ve learned

If you’ve been through some bad experience, of course, move on but don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned from that. Often we dwell into the past and dwell into our past experiences. What I feel is universes will keep teaching us until we learn from the mistakes.

Don’t try to change people, change yourself

We often look for happiness outside in things, in people, in moments we get attached to them. As I said nothing is permanent so when everything changes we get upset, we get sad over the same things. We then fight, struggle to change the people, situations according to us. Because we are looking for happiness in them.

But this is not the right way. You need to work on yourself rather than struggling to change others, change yourself for something good, something better. I feel when I stop looking for happiness outside no matter when life is not treating me well; I feel I can get out of this eventually because I’m not depending upon temporary things.

Don’t lose hope

Hope is the one thing that can be helpful for us to go through tough times. Miracles happen and nothing is impossible in this World. You just need to believe that. Once you believe trust me you already won the half battle.

Whenever life is not treating me well, I’ve trained my mind to not lose hope. And it will definitely work with you too.

Just keep all these things in your mind. And make yourself believe one thing “You Can”

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