Power of Belief: Don’t let your beliefs limit you

Assume you’re making a wish and.. boom… All your wishes, everything you’re hoping for are coming true eventually. Some magic or what? That magic is known as “Power of Belief”.

What is the power of belief?

As I said power of belief is magic that matters a lot in your life.

Who created this magic?


Yes, it’s you who is creating this magic. Let’s know about what the law of belief says. This is basically a feeling you’re creating about something. And these feelings guide our minds towards that belief we created. It states that whatever you believe, eventually that thing starts to happen in your life. The belief you’re creating in your mind becomes the reality of your life. So this much power your belief has in your life. Let’s know about this more with an example –

There are two identical twin sisters named Sara and Serena. Both are normal average girls. Sara is confident enough about everything whereas Serena is under confident and having a negative belief about herself. So she’s basically with low self-esteem. So they’re living with their own beliefs.

Sara is happy about everything. Whereas Serena complaints about everything. Whenever they go out people approach Sara, they get attracted to Sara, they want to accompany Sara. Whereas nobody ask about Serena. And Serena does think about this that why Sara is getting the whole attention.

Why everyone wants to be with Sara, not Serena?

It’s all because of their beliefs. And that’s how the power of belief works. You’ve immense power you just need to realize this. You can achieve anything In life. Just believe that. But this is only possible if you’ll use the right belief. The empowering belief.

How do you turn a negative belief into an empowering belief?

Identify your belief

Assume you’re the only thing negative about any situation or yourself. When you grow some negativity inside you, you’ll be having negative emotions; you’ll be sadder, angry, anxious, etc. When you’ll develop these emotions you’ll have more restricting belief. It’s like when you think “I can’t”, “this can never happen” etc etc. So you have got a belief but that’s not positive and empowering so the power of belief will work according to your thoughts.

So be conscious about your emotions, your belief. Think about what’s going in your mind. Is it safe for you and your peace of mind? Change your thoughts whenever you catch them messing with your peace of mind. Write down your beliefs. Write them down and try to understand everything about them. Because you have to choose your beliefs wisely. Otherwise, the power of belief can work in the other direction too. This may not be good for you.

Understand the root cause of your belief.

Once you understand your beliefs. Try to understand the root cause of belief. Think about what’s causing you to create the belief.

You’re thinking “I am not pretty and smart”, write it down and understand it whether you yourself created the belief or someone else put that belief in your mind. Maybe someone said that you’re not pretty enough and then you created that belief in your mind. May be someone or you yourself made a comparison with someone else. And then you created the belief.

Ask yourself

Is it good for you?

Is this good for your peace of mind?

Any benefit you’re gaining by keeping these kinds of beliefs in your mind?

Analyze it properly.

Create a Replacement Belief

Now when you identified and analyzed the replacement belief. You need to replace it with something better. Something positive. When you’re completely aware of the fact that these negative and weak beliefs are not going to do something good for you, you have to drop these beliefs.

After dropping these beliefs you’ve to create a new replacement belief in your mind. Create a new belief that is more helpful, which is more empowering.

It’s kind of

Before – I’m not pretty enough

After- I’m good enough and I’m pretty enough for myself. Other’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Here you’ll see the power of belief

Use this new belief instead of the older belief. Whenever the old belief comes in your mind. Replace it with the new one. Constantly remind yourself with something more positive, something more empowering.

Use your right power of belief and good and positive things will eventually come to you.

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