Just As You Are, You Are Enough

Just as you are, you are enough. Keep this in mind. Repeat this phrase in your mind.

You are enough for everything. 

Whenever you feel like you need someone, know that you’re potentially at dangerous state. The stage where you constantly need people, get dependent upon them. But you need to know one thing just as you are, you are enough.

Often we know love stories and read the book that state – you should find someone to complete you. Then we started feeling a void in our life. We feel we need to find someone to complete us. But let me tell you what I believe.

I believe we’re whole, we are not incomplete. But that doesn’t mean you need to escape the social life and live on your own. We are social beings; we are required to be social at particular times in life. But you need to remember that that is not your whole life and you are enough by yourself.

When you live in someone’s company, live in the society you definitely get influence by their philosophy of life. And some people are very manipulative that they make you live according to them. But you compromise and do everything according to them.

The question is; why we do this? Why do we think we’re not enough?

The main reason is you’ve fear of being alone, fear of not being enough. That’s why you accept their toxic behavior. You don’t want to finish alone somehow, that makes you accept the toxicity in life. There’s deep down a fear that you are not enough.

For example

Some people are not a toxic relationship. They accept the negative behavior of partners. Because they don’t want to be alone. They’ve fear of loneliness that’s why they don’t want to lose them. No matter how they’re behaving.

People often try to please the community. Just because they need acceptance from others. They anticipate social recognition. They try to fit in. All because they don’t feel content and enough on their own.

Remember this thing

Whatever you are seeking outside is not outside. It’s within yourself, inside you. You’re whole, you’re enough.

At the end of the day when you’re lying on your bed. Just close your eyes and think. What is bothering you? Why you feel incomplete? Why you need someone always? If you’ll look constantly at everything outside yourself you’ll never achieve contentment.

There’s a paradox of contentment, when you’ll stop looking for it outside this will eventually appear in your life. This feeling of wholeness is actually effortless.

It’s just the need to fill in, cause the actual emptiness.

Remember one thing whenever you feel like you are not enough – your mind is powerful enough. You just need to feed it right. You need to constantly feel your mind that you are enough in every way. Just ignore everything negative that comes in mind like – you need someone to fill up the void in your life, you’re scared of loneliness, you need validation from others. Use the power of your mind and stop these negative thoughts.

You’re far stronger than you think, more powerful, more beautiful, smarter than you even think. Accept that you’re living in society but you don’t need its validation. When you’ll feed your mind the right thoughts it will work accordingly.

There is a power of belief that is more powerful than your thought process. Your empowering belief can lead you to the best place. Ignore every other negative belief.

When you’ll make yourself believe that you are enough as you are, you deserve, everything else will fall into the place.

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