Why Do Good People Suffer The Most

One of the most common questions these days “Why Do Good People Suffer The Most”, “Why bad things happen to good people”. This question reflects something like good people are suffering and evil ones or bad ones are enjoying their life. What is good exactly? Doing everything right. No mistakes in life? Everything you’re doing … Read more

How To Spot A Fake Nice Person

How To Spot A Fake Nice Person

In our life, we meet a lot of people. We often distinguish them and deal with them with their characteristics and their behavior towards us. But sometimes we can’t distinguish them based on their behavior, because they’re behaving something else and but our instinct says that they’re having a hidden agenda or motives. They care … Read more

When You Feel Left Behind In Life

Feel Left Behind In Life

Do you ever feel like you’re trying everything, doing your best in education, relationships, career and still you’re behind from everyone around you? Do you feel left behind in life? Well if you feel left behind in life, sometimes you really are, bitter truth. But most of the time it’s common. Many people feel the … Read more

How To Deal With Emotional Flashbacks

emotional flashbacks

First, let’s know about emotional flashbacks. What are the emotional flashbacks? Emotional flashbacks can be known as many names and definitions. Emotional Triggers Flashbacks of past traumatic experience Post-traumatic stress disorder The visual and auditory aspect of past traumatic experience So basically these are the events in which a person can feel that some traumatic, … Read more

When Life Is Not Treating Me Well

When Life Is Not Treating Me Well

There are many moments in life where you feel that life is being unfair to you and you feel life is not treating you well. And the situation can be anything. You get betrayed by someone you love. Lost someone dear. You’re not getting a promotion, you are not getting the success you deserve and … Read more

Why I Am Single | Reasons People Choose To Stay Single

Why I Am Single

Some people are single by choice. People often ask “Why I Am Single”. I’m single because I don’t want any relationship right now. People decide to be alone because at that point of life they don’t really want any relationship or association. Whereas some people are single because of some particular situations. Like they may … Read more

When You Get Anxious About Life

Anxious About Life

Everything is going smooth, everything is going fine. You’re having a good job. You’re having a good family and friend circle but deep in your heart you feel some sadness, some anxiety and sometimes you feel, that is completely unnecessary but you don’t have control over that. All of a sudden you get anxious about … Read more

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